How to Practice Smart Buying at Storage Unit silent Auctions Ideas


Do your guests and your volunteers a favor.  Each guest who buys a raffle ticket should be given a visual identifier to alert others that he’s purchased.

This avoids a common annoyance to online silent auction ideas guests: multiple people approaching to sell raffle tickets.

Assume you have three teams of volunteers roaming the crowd to sell raffle tickets for a diamond bracelet. Team #1 approaches Mr. Smith and sells him two tickets.

Within minutes, Team #2 approaches him.  “I just bought tickets,” he says.  Is he fibbing? Team #2 isn’t sure, but they move on through the silent auction.

Team #3 catches Mr. Smith at the bar.  They ask him if he wants to buy raffle tickets.  “I’ve already bought two tickets,” he sputters.  Team #3 is surprised at how grouchy he is.  After all, this is a gala, right?

How many times will Mr. Smith be asked to buy raffle tickets?  And how much time is wasted by Team #2 and Team #3 who keep approaching guests who have already bought tickets?

Visual identifiers solve this problem.

1. Your guest will not become annoyed from being asked multiple times if he will buy a ticket.

2. Your volunteers know who has purchased a raffle ticket and who hasn’t.  They can focus on making new sales.

3. The visual identifier serves as a simple marketing tool to alert other guests about the presence of a raffle.

There are many inexpensive visual tools you can use:

* Blink-y lights in necklace, pin, or ring form

* Paper bracelets, similar to those used at large outdoor festivals or bars

* Cloth bracelets

* Metal pins

* Hawaiian leis

* Flower boutonnieres

* Plastic necklaces

* Stickers (They come in a multitude of shapes and colors to fit many themes.)

This is a low-cost, simple trick which will work wonders through greater productivity from your raffle volunteers, better sales from your raffle, and guests in a better mood.