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Search engines perform several activities in order to deliver search results. Cyfe is a large software suite that offers, among other things, a YouTube analytics platform. On this platform, you can track performance on YouTube and on your site.

In 2018, Google moved to mobile-first indexing, which means the search engine uses mobile versions of your site to rank your sites in their results. Improve your website’s navigation to ensure users quickly find the page they are looking for. Navigation bars, drop-down menus, internal links, and a site search will help. The more high-quality, relevant links you acquire, the higher your site will likely rank for related key terms. If you want to crack the first page on Google, you need relevant, well-optimized content that earns links.

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Agencies that downplay their significance might be doing their clients a disservice. A backlink from a reputable source serves as an endorsement of your content’s value, building authority in the eyes of search engines. In order to get organic traffic, your site needs to rank for topics or keywords that users are already searching for.

User Experience (UX) Impacts Rankings

While analytics are useful for tracking progress toward your goals, you can also actively use this data to improve your YouTube SEO. Video or playlist cards, which link to other YouTube content of this kind. Fan funding to ask your viewers to help support the creation of your video content. It’s important to note that your YouTube account has to be verified to upload a custom thumbnail image. To do that, visit and follow the instructions listed there. YouTube offers many helpful metrics that can help you assess whether your team is meeting your strategic goals.

So by internally linking from one page to another, you’re giving the algorithm a pattern to follow. For Marketing Hub, we included commonly asked questions, even those related to one of our competitors. They include the keyword in the page title , the H1, and the very first line of text at the top of the page. As an example, our product marketing team optimized Marketing Hub’s page to a T. I recommend using a tool to help you find potential keywords, such as Ahrefs or Semrush.

What do search engines want?

The image below is an example of an SEO report from Ahrefs, where it has given an overview of the link building progress of the SEO efforts. It’s worth considering the use of a compression tool to reduce file sizes before uploading images, videos, and gifs. Sites like TinyPNG compress images in bulk, while Google’s Squoosh can shrink image files to microscopic sizes. However you choose to compress your media, keeping files in the kilobytes range is a good rule of thumb. The topic cluster model is your way forward in SEO, but it’s not the only way to get your website content to rank higher once it’s been created. Each of the keywords that you’ve identified are called pillars, and they serve as the primary support for a larger cluster of long-tail keywords, which we’ll discuss below. You generally want to include the keyword a few times on and off your page to give Google a hand.

All the SEOs and agencies practice white hat SEO to improve their website rankings in search results. Technical SEO refers to optimizations that make your website easy for search engine crawlers and users to use and understand. Search engine crawlers index pages and websites for search engines. In other words, search engine crawlers help search engines store your page and website data to use for future searches. Your authority can determine whether search engines and users view your business as an expert in your field. And a high authority will help your online reputation and search rankings blossom. Ultimately, the number of topics for which you create pillar pages should coincide with your business needs, like the number of products and offerings you have.

And don’t confuse SEO marketing with search engine marketing too. The process for search engine optimization is easier than it appears to be. So for you to be found in organic search results, make sure that every page of your website is crawled.